Why is this image so important?

Well, it's probably not right now... I mean it is, but there are many more images in this gallery that are more important.  But this one is my favorite of the entire session.


She isn't even looking at the camera and smiling, half of her eyes are cut off, and her mouth is wide open with her hand halfway in it.

This is why I love it.  Little Miss Svea was doing this much of her session.  I'm sure it is something that her mom and dad see everyday... that is why it is not that important right now.  They see it every day.  Why would this image hold any weight right now, when they can look over, and chances are, she will be doing the same thing?

I think it is a pretty safe bet, that twenty years from now, Svea will still not be tugging on her bottom lip.  This is a phase for her.  I want Svea's parents to see this image twenty years from now, and remember this phase... and smile, because it was documented.

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