Tom and Nadine's winter engagement session at Mallard Lake Resort in Webster, WI

Tom and Nadine are one of the few couples that my rescue dog, Odie, has met.  I knew I was going to love these two before I even met them in person!  Here is how it went down.... I always meet with my couples before allowing them to book.  I much prefer to do this in person, but sometimes we live too far away from each other for this to happen.  When trying to schedule with Tom and Nadine, it just so happened that I was going to be traveling to the cities.  I emailed Nadine to see if we could meet up on my way through.  I also mentioned that I was going to have Odie as a travel companion on this particular trip, but if they weren't dog people, I could leave him in the car with the air conditioner on.  Nadine was not going to have any of that, and Odie joined us for the meeting.  He even put on his best bowtie for the occasion.

It went so well, and not only did we laugh the whole time, but I got to hear about their rescue pup Bigsby {or as I like to call him... Bixby ;)}, and Odie tried to climb onto Tom's lap {he isn't too fond of males, so this was a pretty big step for him!

When it came time to plan Tom and Nadine's engagement session, Nadine mentioned that they like to spend a lot of their weekends at her family's resort in Webster, WI, so I instantly said that we should do the session there, because it will have more meaning to them, and since they love winter, we waited for a beautiful coat of snow to blanket the resort for their session! 

The property is awesome and we had such an amazing time breaking trail for almost the entire hour!  Photo sessions count as a work out... I bet you didn't know that ;).  AND I got to meet Mr. Bigsby, and he looked oh so handsome in his bowtie that matched his mama's jacket!