Mike and Meghan's Duluth, MN engagement session in Hartley Nature Center

Duluth engagement and wedding photographer Mad Chicken Studio | Hartley Nature Center photography session with Jes Hayes

You know it has been cold out when you have to spend an hour out in 19 degree weather, and it's "not that bad".  We met up a couple of days after Christmas this year.  People were still driving cautiously from the ice storm on Christmas day, and even though it wasn't that bad out, the air was crisp.

Mike and Meghan brought their five month old puppy, Brownie, to their session, and I could barely handle the cuteness!  Brownie was pivotal to Mike and Meghan's engagement session, because Mike used Brownie to propose to Meghan.  A new puppy AND a new ring?!  THAT is every girl's dream {well any cool girl anyways... do people still even use the word cool anymore?}