Josh and Alli's engagement session at Barker's Island

barker's island engagement session of josh and allison by duluth wedding and engagement photographer mad chicken studio photography

This is where Josh and Alli had their first date.... and where he proposed...

I love couples who really think about the location of their engagement session, and choose something meaningful to their relationship.

We had so much fun walking around. It was one of the first really really nice days we have had in the area, where everything was just perfect.  We had amazing glowy light, and they even wanted to go in the freezing cold water for a few photos.  I'm pretty sure I had died and went to heaven when they said that.  Not that I want my couples to freeze... but I knew the results were going to be amazing.

For those of you who aren't familiar with our Great Lake Superior.... it is never warm... ever.  ESPECIALLY in the beginning of May.  Some years there is even still ice on the lake in May, so it's COLD.  Josh and Alli only whimpered once or twice, and then they were total rockstars.

Ok.... let's get on with some images :)