Erin and Tony | Bayfield Wedding and Engagement Photography

Lake Superior engagement session in Bayfield, WI | Duluth Wedding Photographer, Mad Chicken Studio | Houghton Falls

Sometimes a bride ends up with two weddings dresses.  Don't judge... it happens.  So the big question, is what do you do with the first dress?  I think what Erin chose a really unique way to showcase her first dress love.  She and her fiance, Tony, decided to step up their engagement game a little, to the formal level.

We met up at Houghton Falls for the session.  Houghton Falls just so happens to be the original location for Tony and Erin's wedding.  It is where Erin had her maternity session a couple of years ago, but sadly {and not so sadly}, their guest list outgrew the location.  But it was to the benefit to their engagement session :)... plus we did quite a bit of hiking, so you know... workout, and whatnot.

Back to Erin's dress.... her first dress, it looked like something Cinderella would wear.  I just loved it, but just wait until you see her actual wedding dress... brace yourself, you might faint!  I won't give you any details, but you will just have to trust me.  You won't have to wait too terribly long, since their wedding is in June!

Ok, back to the session.  Erin chose two locations along our hike to do photos.  The first was this amazing sunken overlook.  Below were some small waterfalls that was surrounded by some really interesting landscape, and trees above.  Funny story, I get them all set up for their first set of images.  When she looked up at Tony, who is quite a bit taller, her beautiful hairpiece from Saffron and Grey fell out of her hair and down the cliff..... all. the. way. to. the. bottom. I was so sad, because you know anything that comes from Saffron and Grey is pure perfection.  We had a small moment of silence and we didn't let it dampen the rest of the session.

The second location on our hike, captured my heart.  I will say that I am not unique when I say that I absolutely love Lake Superior.  It is a requirement, if you live in its vicinity.  There is something that just so special about the lake, it is like the edge of world.  Especially when there is a lookout right on the lake.  It looks like nothing exists past Erin and Tony.  For that moment in time, nothing really did exist past them.  It was if time stopped, and everything stood still.  There is just something so magical about being in such a secluded location in nature.  I honestly could have stayed out there all night, but we had to beat the chance of rain, back to our cars.