Ben and Kate | Duluth engagment photography on Park Point

Ben and Kate's Park Point engagement session on Lake Superior in Duluth, MN | Wedding venue Lutsen Resort

I haven't laughed so hard at an engagement session... I don't think ever!  Ben and Kate stopped off in Duluth for a quick overnight, before heading up to their wedding venue, Lutsen Resort for a bridal show.

We hoped for good weather, since it was going to be a little more difficult if we reschedule this one, and thankfully everything worked out to our favor!  We won't talk about the little bit of wind or the slight bite in the air.

We met up at Park Point... right outside Sky Harbor Airport.  When we walked out to the beach, there were just a couple other people out there, admiring the ice scape over Lake Superior.  We started on the hillside, and slowly worked our way out on the ice.  I joked that the ice was terrifying to be on, and on the inside I was shaking... and not just because of the wind.  I've heard stories of ice just breaking off and floating away.  But alas, we made it back to land safely.  Women's shoes really need to come with some better tread... am I right, Kate?

I always like to joke that laughing images are just proof at how funny I am.  I show them to my husband, and usually say something like "see, they think I am funny... you should too".  With Kate and Ben, I have to say that we are all equally just as funny ;)... ok, ok, they are waaaaay more funny.  I adore couples who love to laugh.  I fully believe that laughter is the key to happiness, and I just know that these two are going to live an amazing, happy life together.

I can't wait to laugh until my side hurts again, at their wedding.