A happy mistake caused by an awesome workshop

I spent the day yesterday with the wonderfully talented Brandon Werth, his beautiful wife, and nine other eager workshop attendees ready to tap into a new area of inspiration with our work.  What I loved most about this day, is that it was not easy.  We were all critiqued, set up to perform under pressure, and pushed to new levels.

What I liked that there was so much content to absorb, but it was very much a conversation with twelve people.  Nothing was off limits.  Today I am full... but tired :).

Towards the end of the day, we were discussing a function on our cameras that allow us to do double exposures.  Basically, what that means is that I can take two images and layer them on top of each other, and it can create a different look and feel to your images.

I was showing a couple of people one of the functions, and did a test shot with an image from my session from the weekend.  I photographed over that image, some blurred out lights that were hanging at the brewery we were at.  You know what?  We all really liked the way that it turned out!  I thought I would share the result :), because sometimes the best things are unintentional.

double exposure engagement image of sean and larysa at hartley nature center on valentine's day wedding photography by mad chicken studio jes hayes